Pledging allegiance to friendship and a full glass, New York friends Chris & Cristina Leon, Elizabeth Dilk & Garrett Morin and Salvatore Mulé launched Vichingo in 2019. Their plan: to go to the ends of the earth to make heroic wine with people they love.

These friends with diverse backgrounds in marketing and wine believe equally in inspired farming, hands-off winemaking and the power of storytelling. Each year they ask themselves: who do they love in the wine world and where do they want to make something unexpected? Their Vichingo (viking) first landed in Tuscany’s Maremma, where they made a no sulphur skin contact vermentino with friend AnnaMaria of Val di Toro. In year two they traveled to California’s Redwood Valley to conquer a crushable red with Kenny Likitprokang of Hobo Wine Company.  

Each year they set course to a new producer and set sights on a delicious new concoction. Their guiding star is a thirst for great farming, great wines and great adventures.